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Direct to Home – Been there, done  that?

Three controlled studies on product sampling showed direct to home sampling as one of the most viable and beneficial methods of sampling. In India, two basic forms of direct to home sampling exist.

The first offers mass sampling through "letter box stuffing- thru various utility bills". This crude method gives a "cheap" image and, although per unit distribution costs are low, the cost of product wastage often makes this form method quite unattractive.

The second method of in-home sampling is “Newspaper Sampling”. This sampling method offers absolutely no control over the geographical areas cover. What’s more, the circulation figures quoted by the publication are usually fudged and there is a very high pilferation at the newsstand or by delivery boy.

Our Method - Home is the heart of sampling
The Sampling and Promotion Company’s method of product sampling is our unique Direct2Home Selective Sampling. This offers the benefits of selectivity, while ensuring a massive payback by covering large metropolitan areas (like Mumbai or Delhi) in just a few weeks. Through our Direct2Home Selective Sampling, a marketer can convert 70 per cent or more of users of competitive brands to become brand loyal to the sampled brand and all within a few weeks. Our sampling method is focused, minimal wastage and due to our existing logistic tie-up possibility the lowest cost.
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