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To successfully utilise product sampling, you must understand the "total product" is more than the contents of the container. Once you understand the "actual" product, you can begin to formulate powerful product sampling strategy that will entrench your product in its category for years to come and powerfully cement brand equity into your value offering.

A new concept in product sampling

The Sampling and Promotion Company have recently developed a new medium for targeted product sampling.

This method is revolutionary and innovative:

It eliminates the constant of 'shrinkage' - stopping the many hands that help themselves to stock through the old-fashioned methods.

FULLY accountable distribution of stock
Inexpensive distribution costs
Targeted only to the audience the marketer wants to sample to.

On a significantly large enough scale to have immediate impact upon purchase cycle, brand adoption, category growth and market shares.

Mutually beneficial to marketer and to supermarket - so supermarket sales are not cannibalised.

Category exclusive so the effects cannot be countered and the exercise creates on-going competitive advantage.

Better FMCG product sampling

Make product sampling much more effective, less expensive and more enduring with expert advice.

Using advanced consumer behaviour concepts and decades of practical experience, you can maximise your product sampling investment and results!

When to sample and when NOT to sample
What size of sample is best?
How to get samples into the hands of target prospects
How to avoid cannibalising your existing sales
Why product sampling is so powerful - the psychology, past results, etc.
How to incorporate sampling into your total communications/promotional mix
] When to sample
How to forecast sales and market share effects
Costs of product sampling (hidden & overt)
ROI from product sampling (short & long term)
Implications of product sampling from brand equity to channel impact


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