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The success of a sampling program depends upon the following main points:


The product should perform and be competitive. Like any other marketing strategy, sampling will not succeed if the product cannot be accepted as satisfactory in the eyes of the consumer.


The program must be supported by distribution. A product cannot be purchased if it is not offered for sale in channels of distribution where the consumer performs the purchasing ritual (e.g. the weekly shopping trip to the supermarket). The word "trial" means more than a simple experience of product performance. Consumers must have adequate trial to enable sufficient experience which, in turn, allows the cognitive restructuring of perceptions towards the product.


"Trial" extends to the PLACE where the product sample is experienced - as much as the product which is experienced.


A sachet of shampoo, for instance, offers little opportunity of adequate evaluation if compared to the smallest retail cell. Also, the consumer must be able to recognise the product in an impulse purchase situation as many low involvement purchases are made on impulse.


Thus "trial" is just as important with packaging as it is with the product.


Subconscious attribution of value and an attitude of favourable reaction towards the offer that can be projected to the goods in the sampling offer.

If the consumer can project positive experience onto the product involved, greater and more durable brand loyalty can be established.


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